Sword Art Online Bedside Lamp

Introduction: Sword Art Online Bedside Lamp

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Recently, I watched Sword Art Online for the 3rd time and I found a beautiful lamp in the wooden house where yui was found nearby. So, I decided to make myself one.

The first image was a screenshot from SAO

The second image was my creation, the look similar except my clone has removed the dangerous part of the original design.

Step 1: Refrence Information

Nothing much, just some screenshot from SAO and you may found that the top of the original design was sharp but mine was flat.

The main reason for me to do this is because Hong Kong has small living spaces. We climb up and down inside our room to get on bed and studying etc. Any object sharp like that may cause serious safety issue. So I decided to remove that.

As you can see in the picture series above, there are no button on the surface of the lamp. Moreover, there is a blue spot on the lamp that indicate the lamp has been turned off. So, I am gonna to recreate that with an blue LED.

Step 2: Side Panels

Side panels are 4 Acrylic sheet that was edited with the laser cutter at my school. I have did that long time ago and I don't have the files for it. However, you can make your own one following the dimension in the picture above and make your own with an CNC or 3D printer (With transparent material). Mine is 3mm thick Acrylic Sheets which 3 of them had been sanded.

Step 3: 3D Printing (MAIN)

I printed all parts with 0.3mm layer height and sand it with 360C sand paper.

These are the main component for making it out. It looks complicated but when you printed all out, you will know how to assemble them.

By the way, if your front panel is not stable enough and it move left or right when you press on it, you can add the "

Front Panel Position Stablaizer.st" to the gap between panels.

Step 4: 3D Print Part 2 (MAIN EDITABLE)

The files here are all files in ipt format (Autodesk Inventor) if you need to edit in your modeling tools.

Step 5: Other Models

In this project, I have made 3 different version which the first 2 failed due to too deem and model design problem. Here are those files used for refrence, just in case you want them.

Step 6: Arduino Code and Wiring

Arduino Code has been attached to this steps.

REMEMBER TO MODIFY THE LEDval and BLUEval value to fit your LED's voltage. The value is calculated as below.

Value = LED Voltage / 5 * 255

Step 7: Done~

And now you are done. Got glue that parts and clean up the wiring, your Sword Art Online Style Bedside lamp has been completed!

Step 8: Thanks for Reading

Thanks for reading this instructable. If you are interested in our development and daily life experiment, you can like our facebook page at :


IMUS Laboratory is just a name for my bedroom workshop, I don't personally own a Lab.

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