Sword Sheath




Introduction: Sword Sheath

For all the people that own swords or perhaps a machete here is how you can build a sheath (if your blade didn't come with one or the old one broke.) It is a very simple project plus it helps to keep the blade protected, not to mention you...safe.

Step 1: Supplies

There are not very many supplies needed to complete this project. The few items you may need are:
*Sword, or knife( you need something to sheath)
*knife or scissors( for use as a tool)
*tape or glue
*pencil, ruler

Step 2: Creation

First you measure out the length of the blade you are going to build the sheath for. Cut out a piece of cardboard you can fold into four different sections like the second picture. I left a flap on the bottom so the won't be and opening on both sides. Fold the sections into a triangle opening...I also sliced the outer edge so it would be a cleaner fold. Then glue or tape it into place. Ah the simplicity of it. You can also add a belt loop onto the sheath for easier carrying. And thats it....happy slicing, but please be careful.



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    23 Discussions

    where did you get the swords themselves? More beautiful than my scimitars. my favorite fighting weapon: the double scimitar. I also like Japenese straight swords

    4 replies

    sorry, not to be mean just wondering didn't the Chinese have strait swords, i never heard of a Japanese strait sword, i mean if you have a katana why would you need anything else?. i don't know much about kung fu weapons but i know the strait sword is chinese ( i have 2 of them)  but if there is a japanese strait sword let me know, it sounds pretty cool.

     Yea, I don't know of any Japanese straight swords either, actually the one I do know that is Chinese, the Jian, is called the Kana by the Japanese; however it is still the same Chinese sword...Idk if the Japanese actually ever used it.

    i have, a ninjato/ninjaken you know ninja swords? they are straight that's why they are uk mass produce legal.

    i have seen a sort of straightened Katana, compleatly impracticale, but it is a "straight japanese sword"

    No offense, but it seems like you made this instructable just to show off your cool blades.

    3 replies

     hahaaa! On the contrary....I made it to enter into the Cardboard contest that was a while ago...but people also like looking at swords, if I didn't have them in this it would just be lame and not as cool. You said yourself they were "cool blades" lol

    Sorry man I'm not trying to be mean, the swords are definitely cool. And I didnt know about the contest, I'm kinda new to this site. I'll add an instructable soon hopefully.

     It's all good...I never took it as you trying to be mean anyways.  Welcome to the site, I'm interested to see what you have to offer instructable wise.

    i thought you were making a sheath not a cardboard thing that wouldnt work i mean seriously at least make it look cool

    2 replies

    ok *** hole, have you thought that maybe it does work and maybe its just that you suck at making anything that takes a lil effort?... Mine works just fine and does not fall apart or split open.  BTW this was for the cardboard contest that was like a couple months ago...pls if your gonna comment, make it constructive or at least a "little helpful

    You probably could depending on the cardboard you use or the way you fold it together, but the one I have shown is actually very sturdy the way I folded it.