Sword and Shield Bearers




These were the highlight of my Haunted House last year. I truly enjoyed building them. I included a little bit of the behind the scenes of how I made them. Enjoy.

They are made from pvc, styrofoam heads, pool noodles for the upper arms, yard for the hair, a cardboard roll and paint stir sticks for the sword, blue foam for the shield, fabric for the cloaks, the feet were done using paper mache, the bases are made from mdf and wood trim and the whole thing was painted over using monster mud (joint compound and latex paint).



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    Look great - I have had a statue similar to this in our haunt for years....I really love the idea of a pair. Thanks for sharing. They are fantastic!


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    Love the statues and the concept behind them Dionicia! They came out very well indeed! :)

    I have plans for something similar in the future, just need to finish the entryway and a fascia before I can begin to think on that note :D

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    I hear you, this entrance of mine has been nearly a year in the making, and still isn't complete. All of the work, even unfinished at Halloween, was well worth the effort! :D

    Again, congrats on the beautiful statues. Well done! :)

    They sorta developed over time. I was originally going to do one, but then I thought it would be cool to do two. Then it was just a matter of coming up with what they were going to be doing. The idea for the sword and shield was inspired by a cardboard tube I salvaged from the waste bin. I thought it was just the right size for a sword. Thank you.