Sword Art Online 2 Photon Sword

Introduction: Sword Art Online 2 Photon Sword

Im in the business of bringing things of fiction into reality.

This is a 1:1 replica of kirito's photon sword from sao 2. It is made of pvc and 3d printed pieces.

Step 1: Concept

I took some screenshots from the show and i scaled the images and estimated the hilt was around 10" long , i then based all my measurements on that. I modeled the pieces so they could slide onto a 1" diameter pvc pipe , i then had the pieces 3d printed.

Step 2: Prototyping

I then had the pieces 3d printed (given not by the best 3d printer but the pieces were decent). I used these to test paint and such and assembled my first prototype. It was non functioning and just the hilt.

Step 3: Refining and Finshing

I remodeled some of the pieces so they were more accurate and fit better onto the pvc pipe. I then used my dremel and sanded down the inside of the pipe so it was wide enough to snuggly fit the 9v battery that would eventually power the blade. I then went to RadioShack and picked up a small sliding switch and drilled a slot in the pvc pipe to fit the switch, I sanded the switch down and attached my own cover piece to make it look more accurate (sorry I don't have pics of this). I then wired everything together and connected a female power connector so that the blade could connect to the hilt. The blade is made out of a double sided LED strip inside a foam diffuser shoved inside a 36" long polycarbonate tube, I then soldered a male connector clip to the end of the LED strip making it so the blade could be disconnected whenever. The blade is simply held in with friction but it is very strong and sturdy. I am pretty happy with the result let me know what you guys think! Please vote for my instructable in the 3D printing contest!

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    It looks amazing, im wanting to build my own but where did you get the LEDs?

    Amazing. Simply amazing. How much did it cost, and is it possible to make it without a 3D printer?...There is one I could use(if I got really lucky), but I probably won't be able to.

    Whats a foam diffuser? And how did you seal the polycarbonate tube?

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    Ps it looks amazing, do you have an idea of how i could make it without a 3d printer?

    Omg i had forgotten about sao 2 (funny thing is that i just finished rewatching the first season earlier today)

    I could use one of those

    can you upload the files for it? pleeeeease? I'm lazy.