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Introduction: Synchronized Shopping List

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My wife and I have problems with grocery shopping. She prepares some meals and I prepare others. We are not good at long range menu planning. We live busy, active lives and we each stop into grocery stores and supermarkets as we have time. As a result, we never have combined and complete shopping lists when grocery shopping and we constantly come home either missing some items that we need and/or duplicating other items (some perishable).

The solution to this problem is the Synchronized Shopping List app. The app is written in MIT App Inventor 2 and uses Google Firebase to store our shopping list in the "cloud". We each add items to the shopping list, using our Android phones, as we are individually busy in the kitchen and run low on staples. Whenever either of us stops into a grocery store, we open the app on our phone and remove (or update) items on the shopping list as we place them in the shopping cart. Now, we always know exactly what we need and we always avoid duplicate shopping because our shopping list is synchronized via Firebase. Problem solved!

If this problem is familiar to you and you and your "others" have Android mobile devices, head over to our GitHub repository and set up your own Firebase shopping database and configure/install the app using the documentation and source code provided there.

Note: MIT App Inventor 2 currently supports only Android devices. However, MIT has promised iOS support later this year. So if you or your "others" have iPhones or iPads, please check the MIT App Inventor 2 website periodically to see if the source code can be built for iOS.

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Step 1: Preparing Your Google Firebase Real-time Database

Complete instructions, manuals and source code are provided in a GitHub repository:

You begin by setting up a Firebase database and copying the access credentials into the provided source code for the app. Step by step instructions are published at:

Step 2: Distribute the App That You Built in the Previous Step to Those You Share Shopping Chores With.

The User Manual contains instructions for how to use the Synchronized Shopping List app:

Happy Synchronized Shopping!

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