Szabo RC Car (Android Speed-PWM Control)

Introduction: Szabo RC Car (Android Speed-PWM Control)

If you want to control your RC car from Android device with this project you can do that!
This project is made for separate motor control to forward a RC car and turn wheels to left and right with speed(PWM) control.

This is a project of two brothers.
We wanted to install Android Bluetooth control to a RC car, but we did not found any good projects with PWM control so we decided to create this RC car.
You can install the electronics part to a ready made car to control it from Android Bluetooth.
The range of the Bluetooth is approximate 80m.

The Software is made by Szabo Istvan.
The Hardware is made by Szabo Jozsef.

Step 1: What You Need

1. Arduino Uno module
2. HC-05 or HC-06 Bluetotth module
3. L298N Motor controller module
4. 10-12V / min.1200mAh batteries
5. 4 LED's and 330 ohm resistors

Step 2: Upload Arduino Program and Android App

Before you upload the Arduino program, be sure your RX and TX connection between Arduino and the Bluetooth module is disconnected.

Copy the application into your phone and you ca install it from file manager.

Step 3: Connecting the Modules

After you have all the components, you can connect the modules.
The HC-05 module is powered from the Arduino with 5V.
The L298N module is powered directly from the batteries.
All the GNDs must be connected together.
The LED's are for front light and backward direction light.
Also you can add a Horn to the pin 13, any sound module you want to install and a voltage regulator, because sound modules usually work with 3V(you can add 3 diodes before: 5V - 3x0.7V = 3V). The horn module has to be connected between pin 13 and GND.

You can find many descriptions how it works the:
L298N module:
Arduino Uno:

Step 4: Android Application

It is recommended to use Android 4.4.
Turn on your Bluetooth on your Android device. Pair the HC-05 module with your phone. The code usually is 1234, set to automatic connection.
Start running Szabo RC Car Application, go to settings and set the MAC address.

In the application you can choose 4 different control types.
In the settings you can adjust the power of the motors between 1 - 255.

Step 5: Some Pictures of Our RC Car

If you like this project and many of you wants to order in DIY package,please leave a comment You want to buy the kit and we will further work on that with further improvements.



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38 Discussions

What android do you use and what is the problem?

Hello the app wont open what am i doing wrong?

" unfortunately Szap RC car has stop"

szap rc cars.png
7 replies

Hello. First enable your Bluetooth and pair with the HC-05 or HC-06 module. Than open the application.

Please let me know for the news :)

Will you please click on the the top of the webpage "I made it".


Can you create a video and share here with us? :)

How is it goin? Have you finished the project?
Did you start the application to control the RC car?

Yeah is done. I posted a coment with picture 2 wks aga i dont know what happened to it

Hi friend I made the car its work fine but I having problem with light connected to the pin always ON if I switch OFF using the app light goes dim it never OFF

3 replies

How is working your car?

Have you resolved the problem with the LEDs?

Can you please click at the top of the webpage "I made it!"?

Add a 2Kohm resistor to the ground of the LED, maybe will help you.
Please reply.

Add a 2Kohm resistor to the ground of the LED, maybe will help you.
Please reply.

Hello! I was looking around for BT control projects for cheap RC cars, involving PWM - so I found Your project! :) I am curious: if you feed PWM variable speed to simple motor steering - does it help to make turns more smooth? Not just sharp left-middle-right? Thanks!

3 replies

Yes! This is the reason why we implemented PWM also for the steering, for smooth steering.Also you can adjust steering pwm power in the APP settings.

Thank You for answering!
I wonder, is this project kinda "closed", or may be there some changes, advances? I wonder, would it be hard to edit Android apk interface to make it nice for tank control? In tanks case, each motor drives one side (one tread), so it would be nice to have "tank mode", where button control has two vertical pairs of buttons, wheel control have two vertical sliders. It is not just me, tanks (and other treaded platforms) are pretty popular in RC world :)

Yes...It is kinda closed because we do not have funds for more advanced implementations.We would like to start another project.