T- Shirt Stenciling




Introduction: T- Shirt Stenciling

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Step 1: Pick an Image

self explanatory
check this site out

Step 2: Trace It

place and tape a sheet of waxed paper over your image and trace your image onto in.

Step 3: Cut It Out

self explanatory

Step 4: Tape It to the T

tape over any rips in your stencil

Step 5: Paint It

read the instructions on the can if you don't know how to use spray paint

Step 6: Your Done

note: I do not know if spray paint stays in in the wash
that will be posted
paint any extra details on if you want, i did the grenades pin



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    handwash the tshirt and the color will stay in longer use fabric paint and the stencil desidn will last longer on the tshirt

    wat's yer favorite stencil website? i mostly do my own pieces but i use kittybuttons alot.

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    ur weird but bold admirable kinda disgusting JELLYROLLS

    if you want your shirt to look even better use spray on adhesive

    i didn't have any fabric paint, but the spray paint has held up great over at least twenty washings

    A i refer back to stencil punks were i found the image B. i think it looks just fine i'd prefer if you kept your opinions to yourself it works just fine for me.

    Doing an instructable in your underpants? That's gutsy. Well done!

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    this idea (specifically this design) would look killer on a pair of jeans on the pocket.... but maybe a different color!?! I say THIS ideas is good because I did a stormtrooper w/ cross bones on jeans w/ black shirt iron ons and after a few washes they looked like crap!

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    I Have A Pair Of Jeans That Are Purposely Faded And The Bottoms Are Purposely Bleached, So This Idea Would Be A Great Idea To Add Onto The "Trashed" Or "Old" Look.