Introduction: T-GAR

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   t-gar (tigernot`s and geert`s assault rifle)

this is my instructable for thet-gar, actually it is just 2 times the zkar. but this thing is so cool it is a heavy gun to carry ok, but it has a high r.o.f. and it looks great

weight: 1.25 kilograms
range 15-20 meter (with the right bands)
ammo: yellow rods
mag size: 2X 12 rods
reload time: 1-5 seconds (you need to learn how to do it fast)

here is the link for the instructions(made it on KI): instructions
all credits go to zak for his z-kar
and this is my first post don`t be very hard on me



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    so, basically, you're just reposting something that someone else already posted without you making any actual contribution to it? don't do that...

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    i made this gun mysself whith the idea i took from zak`s z-kar v2
    i posted it on KI myself as well

    i see. still, this is just a doubled version of someone else's gun... you shouldn't have posted this at all, even if you are the one who "made" it.