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Introduction: 'T' Handle Screwdriver

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A very Quick 'Instructable ' for my 'T'Handle screwdriver.

Step 1: Design on 3D Printer Software

My son needed a T handle shaped screwdriver so 'Light bulb' moment later, and a quick bit of designing in Creo and here it is.

This is a very quick print and instructable.

Step 2: Upload to Your Printer

Next step upload the Stl. file to your printer and print. As mentioned this is a very quick print, make sure it is oriented pointing straight up as shown (flat on the handle) and print. Best settings are high infill (for strength) and layer is up to you.

Step 3: File Needed for Printing

Here is the Stl. file required.

just download and print.

Once printed it uses a standard driver bit adapter that slots into the hole, (this is a tight fit on purpose) I used a hammer to 'ease' it in to the hole. use high infill for strength, and no supports needed, prints in about 52 minutes.

If you don't have a 3D printer, contact me and I can print you one, or use 3D hubs ( https://www.3dhubs.com/ )

or some similar group.


and thanks for looking


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