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Introduction: T-Shirt Fabric Rosette

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I had a lot of little squares of T-shirt left over from my Mesh T-Shirt . I'm not one for waste, so I decided to see what I could make with them! These rosettes turned out quite well; they use the natural roll of cut t-shirt fabric to make self-poofed petals.

(Text instructions: stack up a bunch of squares; stitch through the center. Stitch around from the top to varying layer depths and pull tight to gather. Repeat until you are satisfied with the form of your rosette!)

I'm experimenting with this new layout style: photo-only instructions for simple projects such as this one. Do you like it? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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      3 years ago

      Yes the photos were great, however, my oldest just couldn't see with the black fabric. I wonder if you use a lighter color or white? I love the Rose that very very CUTE

      I like the photo-only instructables. I looked up your article on how to embed them, because I've seen a similar style done for food photos on blogs and some Pinterest boards, and thought it clarified instructions while still looking artistic.

      Also, really fun rosettes. I like the idea for wine glass markers!