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Introduction: T-Shirt Folding Machine

My sister recently left for college. When she left, I inherited all of her chores. One of the chores, which I've grown to hate, is folding clothes. My friend told me about a piece of cardboard that could fold t-shirts. So i googled it , found the plans and made the T-shirt Folding Machine.
It is very easy to make, and once made all you have to do is place a shirt on it, and flip a few pieces of cardboard, and your done.

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Step 1: Parts

The only thing you will need is a couple of pieces of cardboard, a tape measure, tape, and a marker.

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

You will need to trace and cut out the following sized pieces of cardboard:

2 pieces 30 inches long and 7.5 inches wide

1 piece 12 inches long and 9 inches wide

1 piece 18 inches long and 9 inches wide

Step 3: Assembily

Lay out all the pieces on a flat surface. Put the 9 by 12 (A) piece down. Then put the 18 by 12 (B) piece directly below it. Tape the two firmly together. Lastly, put both 30 by 7.5 (C) pieces on both sides of AB. Tape C to A, but make sure not to take C to B.

Flip the whole thing over and tape the same areas again to make it stronger.

If you are confused:

A= 9 inch by 12 inch piece
B= 18 inch by 12 inch piece
C= 30 inch by 7.5 inch piece

Step 4: Using It

To use your new T-shirt Folding Machine, put a shirt on it, fold both C's, one at a time, then fold B up, and you done.

If you want to make it neater and smaller; then take B and fold it in half. Then when you are using the machine, fold the bottom half of B up then the entire B piece up. This will greatly help.



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    15 Discussions

    within the next couple days, im going to make a pant folding machine, and possibly a towel folding machine

    1 reply

    Towel folding machine?
    Just use the t-shirt folding machine.
    Shouldn't be that much of a difference other than width and length.
    Unless of course, you want the first fold to be in half.

    Ok when I was like 6 I totally made something almost identical to this lol Along with a help make your bed tool. WOW

    A few years ago I saw on TV how to fold a Tshirt by picking it up by a certain place on the shirt, as it is flat in front of you. I managed to make it work once out of maybe 5,000 tries so I gave up & now forgotten it. I love this idea! Very easy to understand & I love the graphics!

    While it's cool, :) aren't you just folding the shirt with a layer of cardboard between your hands and the shirt? so really, it's just the same as folding the shirt. you could also post an 'ible on the 2 second t-shirt fold (google it)

    AWESOME! THIS IS LIKE THE THING THAT THEY HAD ON THE BIG BANG THEORY! You should wire it to some hydraulics and an arduino board so that it can do it all by itself!!!!!=D

    very nice instructable, well thought out and overall great idea!