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Introduction: T-Shirt Potholder

About: I am married with two children. Spring, summer, and fall are my very favorite times of the year. I enjoy working in the yard, sewing, cooking, quilting, gardening, and creating. I do this to keep my sanity.

The  weekly challenge T-shirt contest has inspired me to make a t-shirt potholder.  I do not like the potholders sold in stores so I make my own.  My sister shares my opinion and often request me to make her a few. She managed to receive about a dozen the last time but I spent a lot more time making those than I did this one.  I was amazed at how simple and fast this came together.  I will be making a lot more of these. I did not time myself but I estimate it took all of fifteen minutes or less.  

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Step 1: Supplies

What you need.
  • 1 Pair scissors
  • 1 Old t-shirt
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine or ( it can be hand sewn )

Step 2: Pattern

Cutting the shirt:
  • Cut either the front or the back part of the t-shirt cutting off the sleeves and neck. 
  • Cut off the hem but reserve this piece for the loop to hang the potholder from.

Step 3: Folding the Shirt Fabric

Fold the shirt fabric:
  • You may need to fold the fabric different ways to hide the holes or spots by folding them toward the inside.
  • I did not want the design showing so I used the wrong side of the t-shirt.
  • I folded one long edge towards the center.
  • I folded the remaining side overlapping the long folded edge because I wanted my potholder a little larger than normal.
  • It works best to fold it so there are no raw edges on the outside part but it is not necessary.  
  • You will just need to be more careful when you sew it around the outside edge so your stitches sew all the seams.
  • After the long edges are folded,  I folded the ends toward the center and . . . 
  • Then I folded it in half.
  • I trimmed off the hem the size I wanted for a loop.
  • Inserted it in the corner to be sewn. 

Step 4: Sewing the Potholder

  • I began at one end of the potholder but it is best to start in the center of one side.  
  • I stitched up to the loop and carefully stitched the seam where the loop was.
  • Continued all the way around the potholder overlapping my first few stitches.   

Step 5: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

This project was so fast and easy!  I will be making a lot more like these.  They make good use out of old worn t-shirts as well as terrific potholders!  If you want to add some flair to them you could sew on a border or embellish it with something.  

Thank you for visiting and do have a "Happy Thanksgiving!"

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Good work, Sylvia.

    I have the small problem that the camera holder (and the camera too) has a loop to hold it, but my pants don't have a hook to hang it. I do not know what's better: if to make a hook to each of the pants take on holiday (I do not use belt) or attach a hook to the camera. What do you think?

    If you solve this problem, humanity will have taken a step forward!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You have the gears turning. Maybe I can't think of something to solve the problem. I will get back to you! Thanks for sharing!