T-Shirt Tank




Introduction: T-Shirt Tank

Follow the instructions to make your own racer back t-shirt tank from an old t-shirt!

You will need the following:



Step 1:

1. Lay T-shirt smoothly on a flat surface such as a table or the floor

Step 2:

2. Cut along the seam of each arm hole to cut off each sleeve.
NOTE: Keep all scraps until finished

Step 3:

3. Cut along the seam of the neckline to cut off the neckline

Step 4:

4. Cut the neckline piece so it is in one long strand instead of a circle

Step 5:

5. Flip the shirt over so the back is facing you

Step 6:

6. Slide the neckline scrap between the front and back of the shirt through the cutoff sleeve holes

Step 7:

7. Tie a knot around the racerback and wrap the rest of the scrap around the back of the racerback. Pull it back to the front and tie another knot.

Step 8:

8. Repeat step 7 and slide the ends of the scrap into the knots

Step 9:

9. Try on the tank and trim any excess t-shirt material from around the neckline and the arm holes

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    6 years ago

    I made one out of an ugly shirt my aunt gave me for christmas... I made a few changes to it but loved the simplicity. It's going to make a great bike riding shirt or cute enough to go out with friends. I used the bottom heam of the shirt as a headband. And I use the shirt sleeves to make small traveling bags

    14, 17:46.jpg