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Introduction: T-Shirt Wrapped Wire Bangle

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Using strips I originally made for my T-Shirt Twine instructable, I'm going to now show you how to make t-shirt wrapped wire bracelets. T-shirt scraps and strips go a LONG way and I still have a lot of material to use.

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Step 1: BoM

T-shirt strips and scraps

Memory Wire

Thread & needle (optional)

Embellishments (beads, wire, findings, ribbon, embroidery thread etc.)

Epoxy/Fabric glue

Step 2: Memory Wire

Memory Wire is stronger than regular jewelry wires and holds it shape. You don't need to use any closures clasps with it as you can turn the ends of the wire into their own closures.

Coil the wire around your wrist to help you determine how many coils you want your bracelet to be. Cut the wire so that the ends match up

Take one end and using your needle nose pliers twist the wire around the pliers, making a small loop. Do this again at the other end.

Step 3: Wrap

At one end, dab a bit of glue onto the wire. Fold the edge of one end of the strip around the glue and hold to secure. After a minute to so, begin carefully and tightly wrapping the strip around the wire. 1/2"-1" wide strips will make a thinner bracelet.

Continue wrapping until you've reached the end of your strip and then add another dab of glue to secure.

Step 4: Additional Strips

To change colors or add more strips to your bracelet after one strip has run out, just dab a bit of glue onto the wire wrap as instructed in the previous step.

In between strips is a good time to add beads onto the wire, especially if you want to incorporate smaller beads that won't fit over the fabric.

Step 5: Thicker Bracelets

For a thicker bracelet, cut 1.5-2" strips and fold them in half. Then glue and wrap around the wire as you would for a thinner bracelet.

Step 6: Embellishments

This is the really fun part, adding decorations and embellishments to your bracelet. You can slide jump rings all around the bracelet, wrap colorful wire, sew on beads and buttons, add charms and more!

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    3 years ago

    Excelente, bien explicado y muy sencillo, además de ser hermosos!