T-Shirt to Picture Quilt





Introduction: T-Shirt to Picture Quilt

 I loved this embroidered shirt I bought for my granddaughter and didn't want to get rid of it .  Also, it was beautifully embroidered which I love. Anyway, I wanted to turn this into a small quilt (this way my daughter couldn't throw it out!). Anyway, the first thing I did was buy some fabric to match the shirt. I cut the back of the shirt off and then stitched the front of the shirt onto the fabric. I also printed out a picture of my granddaughter on thin, see through gauzy fabric and sewed that down onto the shirt also. I wanted to put a number 4 on the quilt also to remember that she was 4 years old when she wore it. So I cut a 4 out of a matching fabric also and attached that to the little quilt. I then used quilting batting and a pretty back fabric and sewed it all together. Hope you like this and sew some pretty piece clothing from a favorite child into a memory quilt.of



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    4 Discussions

    So cute! I've seen t-shirt quilts before, but never anything like this. Very original!

    What a super cute idea! I think I'm going to do this for my kids. Thanks for the share!

    That is such an adorable idea! So many memories all in one place to enjoy :D That really is just perfect; I have never seen anything like it before!