T-Tech Photo Booth

Introduction: T-Tech Photo Booth

About: We're a pre-engineering academy in Tustin High School, a public high school in Orange County, CA

Our purpose is to build a photo booth for school events so that attendees can have a picture to capture their memorable moments. The booth would be placed at a school dance, football game, or other event.

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Step 1: Materials

Step One collect materials to begin.

  • Cardboard: just cut from boxes to make trials.
  • Apple iPad: range from $120.00 to $550.00 unless you have access to one already
  • App: Simple Booth Pro Edition 2: Free!!!
  • Note: All simple booth apps should be compatible with your printer and it all depends on your preference of more content and how much you are willing to pay. Other simple booth apps range from $29.99 to $299.99
  • SELPHY Cannon CP910 : $76.99- $99.99
  • Ink cartridge: $20.99
  • Photo paper: $33.99
  • PVC tubing: $4.78 per 10 feet
  • Curtains: Standard 8 ft black curtains range from $10-20 at most.

Step 2: Testing

Begin test trial

  1. Use the dimensions of the components to make a SolidWorks model of a box that could hold all of the components the way you want. Use the SoildWorks model as a reference to help you build the mock-up.
  2. It is recommended to make the mock-up out of cardboard so that when you encounter problems you can take notes and fix the problem in the next model.
  • -For our first trial we used cardboard and tape. To cut the cardboard use a box cutter and cutting mat.
  • -We made three different versions to deal with all the problems that we encountered before working on our final version.

The second trial:

  1. 1. For the second trial we made a SolidWorks model and drawing with the holes in it for the IPad screen and the printer's cartridge of the first housing 1:1 scale. We then proceeded to use the box maker website http://boxmaker.connectionlab.org/ and opened both the website and SLDW drawing in Adobe Illustrator to compare and add the cuts to the website's version of the drawing.
  2. 2. Once you have the Illustrator file of the box in order and have the excess lines removed you can move onto printing. We used a Epilogue Laser Printer to cut the Illustrator file into the cardboard. The printer moves the laser along the outline of the image in the Illustrator file so make sure you have everything in the right place in the file before printing.
  3. 3. Once you have successfully printed out proper cardboard sides that when put together can house all of the components to your liking you can move onto your finale version.

Step 3: Building Process

Wooden Housing

Go through the same process as your best trial to make your final housing out of wood.When printing make sure to take into consideration the difference in width of the cardboard and the wood your using and increase the notch length and thickness accordingly in the box maker website.Once you have the proper dimensions and the files fitted together in Adobe Illustrator, adjust the focus and speed of the laser printer and cut out your box.Put the box together. Because of the special notches in the wood, your box should hold together without glue. It is recommended to use the glue anyways since the when the wood rubs together it gets smaller.Mount Cutout a small rectangle of wood from what you have leftover and drill a hole in the middle.Take the nut, that fits the screw for the tripod you plan on using, and glue it into the hole of the rectangle piece.Glue the nut and wood piece to the side of your housing box and then you can screw your housing unit to the mount.

Step 4: Building the Frame

Frame with curtains

-It is meant to provide a background and area marker for photo booth. Wanted to be easily taken apart/put up and stored while not in use. Cut the PVC tubing to required length.Assemble the frame with the proper fittings. Glue is not needed to hold the frame together; since the frame is made out of PVC it can be taken apart with ease.Add the curtains to the frame by fitting the PVC through the hole in the curtains at the top and bottom

Step 5: How to Set Up the App

  • Set the SimpleBooth App settings to default. This will allow you to control the design and construction available for the customer to use. You can limit or give complete access on what to use. There are several frames and filters available for use.
  • Once you have your app settings complete then you check the connection settings on the SELPHY printer and use the pass code to input the iPad into the printer's WiFi.

Step 6: Full of FUN

Now that your booth is done, set it up and take it around to events and have a blast. You're just a click away to capture the memory!

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