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I knew Halloween was going to be good this year when I brought home 2 yards of bright green dance spandex.

Before you discredit another Ninja Turtle costume, I must say that this is one of my favorite costumes I have made in the seven years of homemade Halloween costume goodness. Mostly, I hope these pictures can give you a few ideas to use if your kids decide this is the year for them to grace the streets as their favorite green ninjas.

Step 1: Shell Yeah

Shell Materials

  • 1 yard of foam (found at Joann's)
  • 1 can of brown spray paint
  • glue guns and glue sticks
  • stapler
  • strip of brown fabric

Cut the biggest circle shape out of 1 yard of foam and mark four lines on it. Cut the lines and glue the two sides as shown in the picture. Turn the shell over and staple a rim around the shell. Cut some rectangular shapes to give texture to the shell, and glue on. Spray paint a couple coats. Attach a strip of material from one shoulder of the shell to the opposite side and hip for your ninja to wear.

Step 2: The Muscle Shirt


I cut muscle shapes from foam, set them on some green material with a glue stick, then layed yellow material over it, making sure to leave extra yellow material on the sides and top. Sew around each piece of foam.

Adding Muscles to a Shirt

  • Take an existing green shirt, and set the yellow muscles inside, facing up.
  • Topstitch around the sides and top of the muscles, then cut closely along that stitch to reveal your muscles.
  • Sew elastic while pulling it tight to the bottom of the shirt to bring it in.

Step 3: Nun-chucks and Accessories

Nun-chucks and Bands

  • pvc pipe
  • rope
  • brown spray paint
  • drill
  • brown fabric

The nun-chucks are made from 4 pieces of pvc pipe. Drill two holes on each pipe, one on each side, then attach a piece of rope from one pipe to another. Spray paint it brown. Cut strips of fabric long enough to tie around the arms and wrist. Cut a long piece of material to go around the shell and tie around the waist. This helps keep the shell on when your ninjas are in action.

Knee Pads and Mask

Create the knee pads by cutting circles of foam and covering with brown material. Add a short piece of elastic to the back. The mask could be made so many different ways. I just used an existing mask shape, traced it around my colored material and made sure it was long enough to have extra hanging in the back.



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Haha exactly! It would be totally noble to have more for the sake of Halloween costumes. Now, how to convince the hubby...

    The Rambler

    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are awesome! It looks like you managed to keep these very light and not too cumbersome, which is great since it doesn't hamper play as much.

    1 reply