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This was a spur of the moment project, inspired by my mum in the USA, who is always finding new and fun crafting projects to make. I made the small fringed one first, and it inspired my son to make one of his own. This is a great project to inspire a child to learn how to sew, and make something useful out of an old garment they may have grown out of. Unfortunately, I didn't take many making photos. This is my first post here on Instructables!



Sewing machine



Cushion filler

Hand sewing needle

All you need is a t-shirt with a graphic on the front. Perhaps an old favourite, that you have outgrown in one way or another. Or, like I did, you could buy one from the charity shop or thrift store that you like. Make sure there is enough space all around your selected image area for either a fringed edge, or a seem allowance, as in the bagged out grey one.

For the bagged out version, sew right sides facing each other about 1 cm, 3/8 - 1/2 inch in from the edge. Leave a gap along the bottom edge big enough to fit your hand through, so you can fill it after you've turned it right side out. (see photo) Snip small triangles off the corners just up to the stitching, but not through it, so as to create crisp corners when you turn it right side out. Fill with fistfulls of kapok or polyester filling. You can buy a cheap pillow from the discount store, open it and use it's filling for your cushions. A lot cheaper than buying purpose made filler. After it's filled, sew the hole up with seam allowance folding inside to complete your cushion. (see photo)

For the fringed one, decide how much extra fabric you have around your chosen graphic area, and stitch around the area. Leave a gap at the bottom, like the other version. Cut your fringe in desired widths all around, but not the opening edge. Fill the cushion, then stitch up the opening (you should be able to do this on the machine as the fabric is stretchy, if not, do it by hand) and then cut the remaining fringe.

You now have a really soft, cushty and cute personal cushion to cuddle up to in bed or to throw onto your sofa or chair!




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    2 years ago

    Sewing skills are great for young boys & girls to learn. It's a great feeling to making something for yourself or as a gift! Great job!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes, definitely, and I feel just as important as learning to cook and clean. Parents should encourage their boys as much as their girls. Life skills are great equalisers between the sexes. These would for sure make great gifts! Thanks for your great comments!


    2 years ago

    These look great! Very nice work, and a good first instructable!

    Can't wait to see what you make next :)

    1 reply