T-shirt DIY: Old to New




Introduction: T-shirt DIY: Old to New

Very often, we have some old T-shirts which we wanted to throw away. Instead of throwing them, we can transform these T-shirts and give them a new life by combining these T-shirts with other cloths into new one with different styles and patterns.

In this project, I will make one T-shirt top from an old T-shirt, a top and a skirt.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

An old T-shirt

A top

A skirt

Sewing machine


Measuring tape

Seam ripper

Sewing pins


Step 2: Remove Unwanted Stitches From Top

Remove those unwanted stitches from both sides of the top. The tool to use is the seam ripper. The top will be sewn to the T-shirt in next few steps

Step 3: Cut Out the Embroidery Patterns

This project uses some of the embroidery patterns from the skirt. First the zip is removed from the skirt. Then the bigger embroidery pattern is cut out from the skirt. The smaller embroidery patterns are cut out next.

Step 4: Pin Embroidery Patterns to Top

Next the embroidery patterns are pinned to the top. The extra part of the bigger embroidery pattern is cut to fit the top.

Step 5: Sew Embroidery Patterns to the Top

Then the embroidery patterns are sewn to the top.

Step 6: Alter the T-shirt Size

Alter the T-shirt size to fit the size of the top.

Step 7: Last Step

The last step is sewing the top prepared earlier to overlay on the T-shirt. The final look of the T-shirt/top is as shown in the picture.

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