T-shirt Hanging Garden

Introduction: T-shirt Hanging Garden

Learn to make a beutifull hanging garden out of a baby T-Shirt. Please vote for me. Thank you!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

•a baby T-shirt
•thread and needle
•clothes pins
•dress hanger

Step 2: Draw Your Line and Start Sewing

Use a pencil to draw a curved line in the middle of the shirt. Once finished start sewing along the line until you get to the end.

Step 3: Cut

Cut under the sewing line. Be sure that you don't accidentally cut the the sewn line.

Step 4: Plant Flours

Put some soil in the shirt. feel free to plant whatever you want in the hanging garden. Thank you.



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    4 Discussions

    This is a cute idea. I have also taken extra large T-shirts and simply stitched them across the bottom to totally enclose, like a bag, I hang them in my laundry room on hangers. One is for my bleach-able kitchen towels, one for my dark kitchen towels and one for washable rags. I stuff the dirty towels (dry of course) in through the neck; when the t-shirt gets fat and round I know I'll have a full load to wash and dry. Periodically I toss the t-shirt in the same lose to launder.

    beware of plants like tomatoes that will grow pounds of fruit! the coat hanger may need alittle more support at that point

    remember to vote for this instructibles in the transform a T-shirt challenge. Thank you.