T-shirt Recycling! Awesome Hoodie Mod!




About: Im a amatuer sewer, im still learning! I love to take old clothes and make them new again by cutting and tearing and ripping and resewing! I love to play with makeup and i can cook anything! If i could go hi...

My brother has an already pretty freekn awesome 'Metal Mulisha' hoodie. He also had some old t-shirts that were just a little too beat up to wear anymore, so i took them and chopped them up, and voila! His hoodie is even more awesome now, and a work in prgress still!




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    yeah definitely! like, i said, its a work in progress still, and now im doing another one, Atreyu and Disturbed so far on that one, no studs or anything. I'll get pics up as soon as i can.