T-shirt Yarn and Copper Plumbing Part Necklace




hey! In this Instructable, we are going to transform some t-shirt yarn and a copper tee fitting (from Home Depot) into a necklace!

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies!

you'll need:

- spool of t-shirt yarn (won't use all of it. the length you end up using is based on how much you weave and how long you leave the ends but you can make this directly from the spool (dont have to cut it first))

- tweezers

- copper tee fitting (if you choose to use a coupling instead of tee then you probably won't need tweezers)

- your hands!

- scissors

Step 2: Make the First Loop!

In this step we are going to create a knot that has a little loop off of it. This loop will be the foundation for finger weaving the rest of the necklace!

Be sure to make the loop with the yarn that is closest to your spool, not the end of your yarn. You also want to be sure to give yourself a decent length "tail" right now. You will later tie this tail to the one we make at the end to tie your necklace on. I suggest making it larger than you think you want it becasue you can always trim it down later

Make an upside down "U" shape with your t shirt yarn. Cross the "spool side" yarn side over the "yarn end" side of your yarn.

Take the part of the "spool side" yarn that is just past where the sides cross, and bring it behind and back up through the loop. When you pull this tight it will create a knot with a loop off of it.

Adjust the loop so that it is small as pictured (for a tighter weave)

Make sure the knot is tight and secure

Step 3: Make the Second Loop

hold part of "spool side" yarn that is close to the previous loop and bring it behind and back up through the original loop. Pull tight and adjust so that it is the same size as your first loop.

Step 4: Keep Making Loops

continue making loops until your weaving is the length you want it to be when the necklace is finished

Step 5: Finishing the Weave Part of Necklace

Use your scissors to cut a second "tail" for the necklace. I made mine match the length of my starting "tail". We will use these tails to tie the necklace on and they can be trimmed later to be shorter if desired.

Take your freshly cut yarn ending and feed it up through the last loop. this will finish off the weaved part of the necklace. If you want to you can tie a knot here too but it is not necessary.

Step 6: Make Tassel

Cut pieces of yarn that are a little larger than double of how long you want your tassel to be.

I cut 3 pieces of yarn (which becomes 6 tassel pieces). You want to be sure that your tassel material can fit through the side of your tee (which will also be occupied by the weaving) because we will be feeding it through there in order to get it down the middle part of the tee.

feed your tassel pieces around the middle of your weaved part of necklace so that the tassel will end up in the middle of the weaving and so that the tassel pieces are even on the end (they can be trimmed later if needed though)

cut a small piece of yarn off and tie it around all of the tassel pieces, bringing them together and tie it off. I tied it once to keep the bulkiness of it down (so it can fit through the tee fitting easier)

cut the ends of the piece you just tied without cutting too close to the knot. dont worry about it being pretty, we wont see this part of the necklace!

Step 7: Put the Copper Piece Onto the Necklace

feed the copper tee onto the necklace via one of the tail endings

When you get close to the tassel, use your fingers and tweezers to feed the tassel ends into the closest side of the tee far enough that you can reach up the middle opening of the tee with your tweezers and pull the ends out. Once the ends are out, pull them out all the way while you move the copper tee fitting over where the tassel is tied to the necklace.

Try your necklace on and trim the ends of the tails some if they are too long ( not pictured. the ends of my necklace would be considered too long by most peoples standards)

Step 8: TAADAHHH!!! You're Done!

Tie your necklace on and go show it off! People will think it took a lot more effort than it did!

Hope you enjoyed this instructable! if you make one, please post pictures of your creations. This Instructable is in a contest! vote for it if you fancy



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    2 years ago

    how do I make my own t-shirt yarn?


    2 years ago

    Awesome! That's a really creative use for 2 completely unrelated things! I like it! I wonder how it will look as the copper starts to tarnish. You could let it tarnish as part of the look, or you could buff it really shiny and cover it with a clear coat to keep the copper color, OR you could heat it up to change the color completely. Nice job. You have my vote!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks!!!!! Yeah tarnished copper is cool looking :)) thanks for support !!


    2 years ago

    what is its price to buy?


    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    You're saying you want to buy this necklace from me? I am not sure I understand the website link


    2 years ago

    I love it! Thanks for sharing. :-)

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you!! And thanks for checking it out!