T36 Long Range Sniper




Hello everybody! This is my Second gun on this site, i entered it for the TGKT.

I love this gun mostly because of it's range, i also really like because it has a bullet lock and two storage spaces (one on the stock and one on in the body)

100-250 foot range
2 extra storage spaces
comfy grip
bullet lock

Longer to reload than a bolt action gun.
Tons of pieces used

Hope you like it! And renember to push the subscibe button!

be sure to check ouy my Extrem 40


Step 1: Barrel Part 1:

Well, just follow the pictures...

Step 2: Barrel Part 2:

Well, heres the second part of the barrel:

Step 3: Body Part 1:

Just follow the pics...

Step 4: Body Part 2:

You know the drill...

Step 5: Bipod

A very sturdy bipod, Clips on to

Step 6: Stock Part 1:

Very, Very, Very comfortable stock

Step 7: Stock Part 2:

Reneber that you don't have to put all of the green rods there...

Step 8: Putting It All Togethor

Step 9: Loading, Firing, and Rubberbands

1.First, you need to get 4 rubberbands, doesn't matter what size. Tie them all up to make a chain. Put one end on one side of the white snowflake connectors on the tip of the barrel. Put the other end of the chain of rubber bands on the other.

2.To load, cock the trigger mechininsm, then pull the rubberband back. Take one Silver clip connector and snip it on to the blue rod on the barrel.

3.Pull the trigger

Step 10: All Done!

Have fun!

(I am not responsible for any injuries, household damages, or animal abuse.)



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    9 years ago on Step 1

    this is the 4th gun I made from darth gecko man's creations. pump action p90, pump action pistol, shotgun and now this!

    4 replies
    ralphkidsgunsDer Bradly

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 1

     soz, left my account logged in and cousin got onto it and posted some messages! lol!

    DJ Radioralphkidsguns

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    DGM just made an assault rifle, 2 sidearms, and that blazer he deleted that was very overrated. he made pump nothing.


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 4

    where is the trigger?
    i cant see where it is on the inside of the gun