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Introduction: TAB, Small Table and Stool by Samuel Bernier

This set of table and stool is simple, yet quite original. The concept is to use four long treaded rods as only assembly for the furniture's legs. If you have extra hard wood, here is a good project for you.

Step 1: Parts

You will basically play Lego. Cut the wood you need with the dimensions you want to get. The stool was 30 cm x 30cm x 30 cm. 
I made them so the stool fits perfectly under the table. Each wood part is drilled at its extremities. Use these holes to create a jig that will help you for rounding the corners with the lapidary. Cut some square parts the size of your long parts. Drill them in the middle. They will serve as spacers between the ''stairs''. Once you've got all the parts assembled as showen in the picture below, cut the extra rods and tighten with nuts. (if you are on summer time, the wood will tend to get slightly shrink when winter comes, so keep a free access to the bottom nuts. 

Step 2: Table Top

I used wood biscuits to assemble the main surface. I drilled some holes at the bottom to hide the top nuts. 

Step 3: Oil Finish

A lot of sanding later, it is time to choose a finish for the wood. Oil is always my favorite solution for basic protection. Cristal clear varnish also looks very good. 

Step 4: TAB

It is more than a design. It is an assembly method. Not orthodox and polyvalent.

I hope you enjoyed my design,


Samuel Bernier

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    5 years ago on Introduction


    Very nice indeed.

    Is it possible for you to share the making draft?

    Dhani C
    Dhani C

    6 years ago

    Very nice!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i can make it smaller ones and used it out of a popsicle sticks