TAK - Tactical/Assault Knife - With a Sheath





Introduction: TAK - Tactical/Assault Knife - With a Sheath

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This is just a small, pointless assault knife which is comfortable and has a clip in sheath. If you really want Tactical Knifes in your K'nex war, use this.

It's really not that useful, just a bit of fun really, and also to show a new concept.

Step 1: Blade

Just build this. It's that simple.

Step 2: Handle

Slightly trickier. It should all go together.

Step 3: Connections

Put the 2 together.

Step 4: The Sheath and How to Apply.

Build the sheath, and put the blade in it. Simple as.

Step 5: Finished.



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    good job
    but there are much better knex knifes on ibles, go look around and find more knowlegdh

    are there supposed 2 be blue connectors on both sides?

    1 reply

    Yeah, but one can be substituted with a tan clip with the knob facing inwards.

     Now find me a semi-auto pistol and we will have a mw2 tactical knife thingy

    I'm working on a semi-auto revolver ATM. It uses the revolver thing from Spyran (It's genius) and the hammer mech from someone else XD
    all i need its a way to make the revoler thing revole automatically. Then we may have akimbo magnums! (holding 2 at once -.-)

    7 replies

    Maybe you can try making a double action revolver from knex. That means that when you pull the trigger, you pull the hammer back, and when you release it, it hits the rod.

    Oh, and to make the barrel revolve automatically, you can wrap a rubber band around it.

    Not? Wait, maybe this helps... I suggest you can figure out how it works. If you can build it, will you give me credit?

    Kex gun concept.bmp

    Never mind, Extreme Builder has tried it before. So you I don't hold credit, but extreme builder does.

    Some other guy posted a grey slot connecter revolver, this broken cap and slight piece makes it auto rotate

    i made something just like this but it didn't have the clip