Introduction: TARDIS Doors

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I built these tardis doors for my workshop. The doorway to my shop was the right height for the doors but it was too wide for them. So to fix that problem I screwed together an extension onto my wall out of 2x4s. The extension then got boarded up with a large piece of pine and took off 10 1/2" off my doorframe's width so it was perfect to build the doors in. The first thing I did was cut 1x4s into 4 78" long pieces and 10 12" long pieces. I drilled pocket holes into the ends of all the 12" long pieces and also cut a spacer that measured 15 1/8 inches long. To screw this all together, I placed a 12 inch long piece in between 2 78" long pieces flush with the tops, clamped it, and screwed it. Next, I placed the spacer with the end butted against the screwed in 12" long piece. I placed another 12" long piece up against the other end of the spacer, clamped it and screwed it. I just kept going until i got the the bottom of the frame. For the backer, I cut some 1/4" thick underlayment plywood and screwed it from behind so that it covered all the open squares in the frame except for the top square. I gave everything a light sand and applied a coat of primer to all surfaces. I let the primer cure completely before I applied 3 coats of navy blue paint to the door and 2 coats of white paint to the backside. The windows of the tardis doors were really tricky. It took me a while to figure out where the gray squares would be with the black squares and where the frames would cover. It would probably be a lot easier to just cut a small square of that 1/4" plywood, paint it white and screw it in from behind. For the stripes in the window, just cut some of that 1x4 into 1/2" wide pieces and paint them the same blue as the tardis. I used LOCTITE POWER GRAB glue in my caulk gun to glue the strips into place on the windows. There's a distance of 3 1/2" between each strip and just put the horizontal piece in the middle. For the signs I just printed the "pull to open" sign on my printer at 8x10 and laminated it. The "St. John Hospital" is just a 6" diameter circle printed onto a vinyl sheet. The "POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX" sign I had printed at Staples on a vinyl sheet for $5.89. I attached the pull to open sign with the same glue I used on the windows. I used trim adhesive for attaching the vinyl signs. The frame for police box sign i threw together by gluing 3/4" square strips onto a piece of plywood that measured 5 1/2" by 40 1/2". Once everything was done, I attached some hinges to the doors and screwed them into my doorway. I also cut 2 1x6s down to a few more inches than the height of my doorway, painted them, and screwed them to the front of the doors. I screwed the police box sign frame above the doors before gluing the sign in. That's it to the tardis doors! Please follow me for more!

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