TBLC (Tin Box LED Cube)

Introduction: TBLC (Tin Box LED Cube)

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While cleaning up at home I found an Altoids Box, hey cool I thought because often read what other people have done with it. Survival Kits, Radio's and so on. There are even places where you can buy "Tin Boxes" without "food" inside. In my Box was "food" before then it was laying around.

This will be the story how it be transformed to something not useful but cool.

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Step 1: From Where Are the Parts, What Parts Are Used

Altoids tin box : long time ago in a galaxy far far away I bought this at a local supermarket and it was forgotten until now.

Switch : Yes we can switch, this small big clunky sounding switch was formerly for my NAS at home I like the switch so much that I tear-down the NAS. OK to be honest it was broken before, not the switch the NAS.

LED-Cube : It was a Kit from I bought at pollin.de some time ago, it was my first LED-Cube with green LED's

USB-Charger : always have some laying around at home, very useful and handy.

DC-DC Step Up Converter : the same as USB-Charger

LiIon Battery Pack : While my first time in China I get one of those "cheap ass" MP4 Players. It broke very fast, maybe after one day. But the Battery was still good so I keep it. 3,7 10.000mAh that was printed on it.

LED's : leftover from another project high brightness white, I got these from

some wires and "Gedöns"

Step 2: Put All Together

Sorry I have no Picture from putting all together it was before I found instructables.com.

1. Make holes in the Altoids Box.

- 9 x LED coming from the PCB

- switch

- USB Charger

2. Cut the PCB, make sure the PCB fit in the lid.

3. Solder the CUBE, use any technique you like, when you attach the Cube to the LID isolated the leads with some shrink tube.

4. Solder the LED's to the PCB

5. find place for the other components, if it not fit shrink it or search a bigger box. If both are not possible, then I'm sorry you can't make a LED Cube in an Altoids Box.

Step 3: Enjoy Your .... Whatever You Get...

Hope you enjoyed it. Hey I never see a LED Cube in an Altoids Box so maybe it is the first one. Whoa cool I'm the first one. I'm an inventor. I'm from Germany forgive me my mistakes....

Bye Bye see you next time.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! Another great instructable! I'd love to see your code.