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So I really wanted to make a utility camper that fits my needs. So I did and this is what I came up with. This whole project took about four days to complete, not including the time I built the basic trailer.

Stuff I used:

  • 4x8 Trailer
  • Camper Shell
  • Old Tent
  • Lots of old jeans
  • Shoe Goo
  • Mostly 2x4s and 2x2s
  • Tool Box from the fleamarket

Step 1: The Foundation

This is my original trailer I built the metal frame from a Harbor Freight Kit, and then added the wood rails later.

Step 2: The Free Section of Craigs List

The camper shell was free so some parts needed a little TLC. For the tear in the screen I used Shoe Goo and pants.

Step 3: Mounting the Shell

I built a 2x2 horse shoe frame that bolts and screws into the bottom of the camper shell then a another 2x4 frame joins the 2x2s. The back edge is attached with three door hinges. The legs that prop up the camper fit in to slotted grooves and can be folded up. The bottom of the trailer I lined with a denim jean leg mat that I sewed and shoe goo 'd together.

Step 4: Side Pannels

The sides I made from the left over tent pieces (after I took the door way section out) and a wood frame. On one edge I stapled down a foam strip to fill in, any open spaces around the edges.

Step 5: The Bigger Door

On one side you have that glass window door, well I use it as a door but the bigger door I cut from that tent and for now its screwed in and shoe goo 'd to the jeans so in the future I'll attach a big zipper through the jean portion of the door and make removable. In fact this whole set-up is removable, just in case I need to use the trailer.

The trailer is never going to be 100% in my eyes and I will always be adding to it, but for now it can be used to sleep in. In the near future I will add a battery box to power the light I added, the light on the inside top of the camper, and anything else that might need charging. Curtains will be a must as well as a bed frame. I intend to have a simple frame to support a bed while providing about a foot of storage space underneath you. The outside front has the holes already prepared for a rain/sun awning, and I also have the material to make it I just am soo burnt out on sewing.. Anyway thanks for checking out my summer project.

Step 6: More Pictures



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    1 year ago

    Very clever! I have a tent trailer top (made to go on top of a trailer I thought I was going to use and never did. I bought it off ebay and I think I will re-sell it on ebay. Around $70. It's by a company called Little Giant.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    love the idea and was thinking you could do something similar by using one of those tents made to fit into a truck bed. Should really cut down on the amount of cutting and piecing together that you need to do, plus you can remove it and use the trailer for other needs


    4 years ago

    Some white FRP around the lower half out side would give it a finished look and more water/dirt protection it would match the top too.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Your trailer is MUCH better than the one I built using a harbor freight trailer. I made the BIG mistake of buying their smaller size trailer and trying to fit a larger frame over it. I also had a lot of trouble making a good TOP for the trailer, which you solved EASILY by using an old truck camper top. I only used my camper once, and it was a big failure. Water leaked in.... mosquitoes leaked in....it was difficult to "deploy".... it had many problems... and it looked terrible. Yours looks much better designed. Here is a picture of mine.... I am in the process of trying to re construct it to be usable.

    1 reply