TDA7052 2 Watt Audio Amplifier





Introduction: TDA7052 2 Watt Audio Amplifier

About: Hi, I am Prithul. I am 16 years old. I am interested in electronics. I like to make small robots with Arduino. I am self taught in electronics. I learn everything from the internet.

In this instructables,I will show you how to make 2 watt audio amplifier.It can give a output of 2 watt. The heart of this circuit is the IC TDA7052. It is a IC with 8 pins. This circuit can be operated with only 6 Volt.This is the easiest mono amp which uses less parts.I hope you would like it.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

The things you will need are:
1. 1 TDA7052 IC: You’ll find this IC online and
electronic stores. About this IC.

2.2 capacitors of 220µF of any volt, 100nF ceramic

capacitor (you don’t need the capacitors if you’re using batteries).

3.A 4.7 k volume control (potentiometer) and,.

4.1 inch x 1 inch Vero board: You can use Perf board,


5. Some Wires.

6. Batteries.

7. 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Step 2: Making the Circuit

Here is the circuit of the amplifier.I made it on a Vero board and soldered it.If you don’t know how to solder then visit this page.I used the 8 pin base(socket) for safety of my IC. In the picture you see I cut the connection between the IC’s pins. In the picture I didn’t use the capacitor because I used batteries, but if you want to adapter then use the capacitors. I taped those wires in the picture with the Vero board for easiness. This circuit will give an output of 1 to 2 watt.If you try this circuit on a breadboard (Project board) maybe it won’t work well. But if you solder it on Vero board or perfboard it will work great.

Step 3: Tasting the Circuit

Connect the jack to your iPod, mp3 or mobile phone and play audio. I hope it will work great.

Step 4: Making the Box

To know how to make the box,Please,visit this page

Step 5: DONE!!!!

Congratulation! You have just maked a 2 watt audio

Have fun



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    16 Discussions

    Hey Nilesh,

    I'm glad you asked. You can use a microphone at the input. But you have to use a transistor at the input.



    It's a cool project, and uses very few external components. Great!!


    Sorry for the late answer. The volume control was supposed to work very well! If it doesn't than check your circuit and you always have an option to control volume from the device you are using.


    - Prithul


    2 years ago

    can u show me the schematics if I am not using capacitors?

    It will be work when i use a 6 watt adopter

    Can i use 4,5-5 volts?
    in the schematic it says +3 volts.

    2 replies

    Thank you for commenting. You may see the the datasheet. You can use 3 - 12 volt, I recommend you not to use more than 9 volt. Because the chip gets really hot.

    beautiful project! using 9 volt the ic will give more power? i have to add something to get the amp working with a 9v battery?


    Thnx for commenting john, but u cant use lm386 instead of tda7052, lm386 cant give 3 watt output, but u can try to bridge

    I am not an English man. If there is any mistake then please help me to solve it. Hope you would like this instructables.