TDI Vector Replica (working)





Introduction: TDI Vector Replica (working)

About: HOLY HELL, look at me, I'm a cat ! I plan on building some kind of ball machine "soon", I just need a half term break to start as well as needing to organise all of my parts (somewhere around 7000). If so...

This is my version of the Vector with a few differences etc etc etc...



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    I bought it from Ypres as a souvenir, all I know is that it is a 20mm something. Any writing on it is too faded to understand

    U should post...that would make me happy. I know that u posted this a long time ago but i like this gun!

    verry cool gun!
    it's also cool to load it, could you please make an instructable?

    About the new last image, where you say "Push gray connectors into this slot"...


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    once i get a new camera i will post mine with the true mag. ive made it so when u have to take out the mag u have to pull back the fake charging handle:)