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Alright here's something some of you guys have been waiting for. I said that dsman and me were going to make a perfect side arm but instead we just improved our side arms. We are still going to try making a perfect side arm but for now I thought I'd post some improvements to the original TDS. Not too much has changed but the gun is a lot more rubber band efficient now. There is less friction in the barrel and the pin is held a little farther back.
Sorry for the bad instructions but I literally only had like 5 minutes to take pictures. I might improve the instructable another time.

Piece List Compliments of benboy207
7 yellow connectors
31 green rods
3 2slot connectors
1 metallic blue clip
1 blue 3d connectors
5 green connectors
2 big/micro red rod
1 micro/big rod
2 micro 1 slot connectors
2 black hinges
2 blue hinges
1 black rod
1 small gear
14 orange connectors
9 snowflake connectors
2 ball joint
5 red connectors
14 brown tabbed connectors
7 blue spacers
1 grey rod
5 blue rods
10 Y connectors
31 white rods
18 1slot connectors

Step 1: Handle

Alright this is a lot similar to the original except for a couple changed parts. By the way just to let you guys know this gun can also use dsman's ammo just as easily.

1. The main part of the handle. The black hand at the top is important as it holds the ram in place. You might be able to replace it with a green rod I'm not sure.
2. The same palm support that you've come to love. I added an extra part to the bottom so that the mag pusher part would blend in with the gun. You can remove that part if you don't like it.
3. Alright put them together.
4. These are extra parts for comfort
5. Add them simple as that. They should stay on without any trouble.

Step 2: Barrel and Trigger

It uses a very similar barrel as well except for 3 major things I changed. First I changed the top of the back to be completely flat and no white rod so it will be completely reliable. The next thing is I changed the bottom so there will be less friction. Thirdly I made a gap in the side for effects. You'll see later on. The trigger is based off of dsman's. It stops the ram farther back.

1. Alright I know I don't take barrels apart for instructions but truly this is easy. Notice the blue rings.
2. Connecting to the handle. This is also simple. Sorry for the blurry pictures. I tried my best but you can still see everything so...yeah deal with it.
3. All the parts of the trigger. It's pretty compact. I just don't care for it as you need to hold down the trigger slightly when cocking but it isn't a big deal.
4. Stick the trigger in and then insert the first part.
5. Add the other and then put on a part of your choice to keep it pushed there. Sorry I'll show you how to add the rubber band later.

Step 3: Decorations and Sights

Alright these are for looks but they do act as a sighting system too.

1. First part. pretty easy.
2. Adding it.
3. The second and third part. You can choose between a few different front sights.
4. Add this part but keep it up.
5. Stick this part in until it reaches the back.
6. You should be able to close and connect this part right over the blue rod.

Step 4: Firing Pin, Slide, and Mag Pusher

The slide is a modded version of the one off the original TDS. It also uses the same mag pusher.

1. All the parts you'll need for this step (except rubber bands). The Firing pin has a tan clip with a blue ring in between them (to keep the tan clip from going over the ball joint part)
2. Stick the gear part right here. It's just for decoration so don't add it if you don't want to.
3. Ugh really blurry my bad. I was just showing you where I put my rubber band for the slide. You might find a better way.
4. The same mag pusher. If you can tell what I did with this one picture then just go make the one from the original TDS instructable.
5. The finished gun. Just insert the firing pin inside the slide into the back of the gun.
And there we go you're all finished. Watch the video if you haven't. And yes I'm going to post the Glock 28 in the video later on. I added a trigger guard since I made the video. Oh yeah the little hop mech. in the video should be easy enough to make by yourself. If you still can't figure it out then I'll post it later.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    care if i use this handle on a current project? all credit for the grip will be given to you...

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    Can you use blue clips instead of the tan clips (you said were brown thingamajigs with bumps on them) ?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    What exactly is the goal of archieving a "perfect sidearm"? Btw, the vid isn't working. I need a youtube account to watch it.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Confy,Powerful,realistic,Working*obviously*,You know a real gun but in the form of knex. I would like to see an MMG8 in knex go on youtube and search MMG8 to find out what i mean

    Nah, i haven't osted any guns yet, that means that i suck at them, i mean like its too hard, all mine end up blocky, i tried ona a really good pistol for 2 months it ddint change, because it looked like trash.

    but the blocky guns are often the best and most piece efficient. looks dont matter to me, its function that does. for example, i modded the R-SAR to my tastes and piece amount by adding a rail for attachments at the back, a headrest, and making the barrel shorter at the end. now its really boxy and its awesome. there's nothing in that thing that's empty space, unlike a lot of guns... and it still looks relatively good.

     I give up on posting knex guns, ever! You can get harassed here or at knexinnovation, I'm sticking to just making really large weps and never posting them. Just figured there is no perfect weapon, never because people can never appreciate what is right before them, just made MY perfect wepon...NO PICTURES! NOT SOON! MAYBE  SOON! It's comfy and strong 120 ft. 

    I broke it and made another one in 3-5 hours. Making is fast but modding is hard. It uses 3 rubberbands, it can hold 10 trust me. And the trigger is very sable, only problem, its fraglies. IT uses some pivot-type joints pictures up soon.