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This is one of the first models made using the Miura pattern, I decided to publish it before it could damage the actual model. In this type of cup, the cup is wide, the stem is short and is only represented by the union between the top and bottom of the folds, with respect to the foot I think it is very wide. This aspect will improve in the folding of a similar model.

If they can please subscribe and comment here and youtube channel. thanks. (I hope to do, video tutorials and instrutables)

Este es uno de los primero modelos que realice, utilizando el patron miura, decidi publicarlo antes de que se pueda da�nar el modelo real. En este tipo de copa el caliz es ancho, el tallo es corto y solo esta representado por la union entre la parte superior e inferior de los pliegues, con respecto al pie considero que es muy ancho. Aspecto que mejorare en el plegado de un modelo similar.

Si pueden favor suscribirse y comentar aqui y en el canal de youtube. Gracias. (Espero poder realizar, videotutoriales e instrutables)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love all of your videos. It would be awesome if you could post a step-by-step with photos on how to make one of these!

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    thanks appreciate it. if I want to post a step-by-step and video tutorials to make them. single term and posting a new series of videos that I am preparing, and start to post a step-by-step and video.