TFIOS Inspired Wedding Invite

Introduction: TFIOS Inspired Wedding Invite

This is my The Fault In Our Stars inspired wedding invite. Because I am too young to have a magnificent love story of my own, I wanted to create a wedding invite that honored Gus and Hazel's love. Although they didn't really get their happy ending, in my imagination they did. This invite is super easy to make, and costs only a little. I hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:


6x11 in' Card Stock in the color of your choice (blue worked best for this theme though)

Hot Glue Gun


A Printer (or Artistic Skill) (you can draw the clouds if you want :) )

Butterfly Hole Puncher

Computer (Microsoft Word)


Step 2: Creating the Cloud

On Microsoft Word or if you want to hand draw it, copy and paste a picture of the black and white TFIOS cloud. I got my clouds off of Google. If you type in The Fault in Our Stars cloud template, a bunch of pictures should show up. I used the black cloud for the "announcement" part, and the white cloud for the date, info, and location. The font for location and announcement is Chalkduster. It looks similar to the TFIOS book title font. The other font was Engraves MT. You can use any fancy cursive font for Hazel and Gus names. I played around with the cloud sizes until I was happy with them. The clouds ended up being around 6in. wide and 3 in. tall.

Step 3: Punching Out Butterflies

This step is super easy. You just use your butterfly hole puncher to punch out mini foil butterflies. Make sure the foil is not wrinkly, because it will be harder to apply the butterflies.

Step 4: GLUE

This step is fairly easy too. You just glue everything on the card stock. Make sure you put excess glue when using the hot glue gun to create a bubble. Let the "bubble" cool for about 10 seconds before you put the butterflies and clouds on. The slightly cooled bubble will give the butterflies and clouds a cool 3-D look. (like the butterflies are in flight, and the clouds are floating) :)

Step 5: Glue Your Butterflies

This is just a pic demonstrating how the butterflies should be glued.

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