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I love the comic books and after seeing the avengers movie and seeing the tease of Thanos at the end i knew i had to make a Thanos costume and so this is an instructable about my attempt

I will be touching on the steps of making a mask and a foam latex glove unfortunately there is abit of extra knowledge to learn to be able to use some of this stuff so if you wish to learn more look into it. there are online classes and tutorials that can show you the basic skills.

to start you will need a bust to sculpt with and a hand to sculpt the glove or gloves. doing this one bust of yourself is the best way but a generic bust or even mannequin bust can work just fine. 

Step 1: Getting Started

take your bust and hand and start building up clay on them and begin sculpting away at the work you long to create

i suggest you sketch out your designs before hand or at least have a lot of reference material readily available

I like to use medium chavant it seems the easiest to work with. the soft is also good but i prefer a harder clay

this stage can take awhile depending on your skill level

once you are happy with the sculpt its time to mould it.

Step 2: Moulding

for both moulds i used the same technique which consists of building up a wall of clay and then adding a good coverage of a cement like substance called ultra cal. this product is ideal for making masks out of latex and foam latex 

make sure that you cover your clay in a good clear coat spray before you apply the ultra cal this makes it alot easier to clean out the clay later. 

once the clay is out and the moulds are clean you can begin your casting in latex or foam latex when using foam latex it is also wise to reinforce the inside by laying some sort of stretchy mesh or pantyhose on the base 

i only posted pics of the mask casting but its the same process for the hand

Step 3: Painting and Decorating

once you have casted your mask its time to start painting it, to get a really good bond the best first step is to add latex plaint with some prosaide adhesive to really get it sticking and stretching with your mask. 

at this point its alot of artistic layering and painting to add dimension to your mask use an airbrush to darken the folds and add specle colouring for a texture look .

Step 4: Application

when applying the masks use pro-saide to help adhere it to the eye areas and the mouth and nose to get a good tight fit and movement with your natural facial expressions

put together your costume as you like it and you are ready to go

(i also put in some crystal blue contacts to brighten those eyes)

and there you have it.



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    11 Discussions

    The BlueM

    2 years ago

    how do you get the moulds


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice sculpting job, thx for sharing! I plan on making a Thanos costume and yours is an inspiration. FYI i think the Infinity Gauntlet is on his left hand, at least that's where it is in the comics. It still is awesome though.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    That looks great!!! What type of paint did you use on it that will give you the flex that you need?

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    as a first coat i used a pax mixture which is basically mixing any paint with your base adhesive. the adhesive here used was pros-aide no tack, and the paint was FW acrylics inks .... for the first coat i mix the two and stipple it on then for any addition coats do a thin layer of the adhesive followed by the inks .... i used airburshing alot but for some details its best to use a paint brush or a small sponge ....

    hope that helps


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i thought that guy was from battle for endor lol sry but cool costume 8).

    thank you, yes the glove is flexible, the mask is just made from latex and the glove is foam latex foam latex is alot more complicated to use however it yields fantastic results. anoter problem with it is its overall life span is short.