Introduction: THE AMAZING 123D ROBOT

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Step 1: Download the App

Download this amazing free app to start It is called 123D

Step 2: Right Foot

Go to : robots category ---> right legs 1-insert foot number R04. Don't change it's size!! 2- add leg lower number R04 but stick it to the foot as in the picture. 3- stick leg upper R04 to the leg lower as in the picture. Make sure they are all in the right position

Step 3: Left Foot

Go to : Robots category ---> left legs 1- add the foot L04 2-stick leg lower L04 to the foot 3-stick leg upper L04 to the leg lower

Step 4: Adding the Waist and Torso

Go to: Robots category ---> torsos 1- get waist 04 and position it to the front and stick it between the legs 2- add torso 04 above the waist and position it rightly

Step 5: Left Arms and Hand

Go to: Robots ---> left arms 1- add arm upper L04 and stick it to the torso 2- add arm lower L04 to the arm upper and position it !! 3- add hand L04 and stick it to the arm lower

Step 6: Right Arms and Hand

Go to Robots ---> right arms Do the same as we did in the left arms this hand will also be R04

Step 7: Head and Face

Go to Robots ---> heads 1- add head 04 to the torso and position it 2- add add two eyes 01 3- stick two ears 02 to the Sides of the head but you will have to rotate them Anyway position them rightly. 4- add the radar and stick it at the top of the head

Step 8: Coloring the Robot

Press The edit button next to the objects button and choose the coloring mood And choose the color that you want and tap on the objects you want to color And these are the colors I used Blue and yellow

Step 9: ENJOY

Here is the lovely 123D robot!!!!!!! Easy right !!!

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    4 years ago

    Does the app look like this? It's all I can find other than 123d catch.

    13, 3:45 PM.jpg
    1 reply

    Thanks for the advice heywasup I am really trying to make something useful and creative

    this is not really practical though? its just a toy robot, no real innovation here. Its a really good robot! its just in the wrong contest.

    Jaxton Maez can you please vote for me if you like it !!!


    4 years ago

    Ok thanks.

    No it is called 123D design you will see the picture of the app in the tutorial