THE Altoids Survival Kit

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Yeah, I know. Another altoids survival kit. There is already so many. But thats because there so easily customizable, and each kit adds another thing to put in yours to make it your own. So, heres my own customized kit.

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Step 1: The Kit Itself

Heres the inside of the kit. well get more in depth of the components of the kit in the next step. REMEMBER! This kit is designed as a basic wilderness kit. Add id your own flare to change it to your enviorment, or add some things to make it an urban kit.

Step 2: The Components

1. Band aid (2)
2. Sewing kit
3. String
4. Mini multi tool
5. Plastic sandwich bag
6. rubber band (2)
7. About 10 feet of Duct tape wrapped around the body of an old, cheap pen
8. Relighting candle
9. Magnifying glass
10. Tweezers
11. Whistle
12. Firecracker
13. thermometer
14. compass
15. Dryer lint (you know, the stuff in that slidy mesh thing in your Dryer)
16. Fishing hooks
17. sinker
18. Newly Added! Matches

Step 3: Ready to Go!

With this in your pocket, your paracord bracelet on your wrist, and even the slightest bit of common sense in your head, you will be able to survive almost anything mother nature can throw at you!

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    4 years ago

    2 things no one ever includes in these that are tiny/easy to pack and have huge potential to save lives are 2 tabs (50mg) of benadryl to be chewed in case of allergic reaction (think bees) and 2 tabs adult aspirin to be chewed in case of chest pain/suspected heart attack. More of us know someone who has had a heart attack than know someone who had to survive off snared food (just perspective, not saying snare wire isn't a good inclusion).


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great job including a trick candle! Yours is the first I've seen on this site that includes that type of candle.

    One thing that you might want to consider is switching out lower priority items like the firecracker for a reliable knife.

    I just uploaded my survival kit instructable if you'd like some ideas. God bless!

    Attention! If there is anything you think I should add to make this the best kit on instructables, tell me everything youve got!

    3 replies

    Provisions for Water:
    -Sandwich bags lack a lot of durability, if you don't have room for a heavy-duty gallon freezer bag (the only kind of Ziploc really worth considering.) use a heavy-duty non-lubricated condom (such as a Trojan magnum non-lubricated)is great, as they can hold more than a sandwich bag more dependably.
    -Concerning purification, boiling in such small quantities as the amount held by an Altoids tin is going to get you nowhere, consider chemical treatment. a tiny dropper bottle of iodine can purify dozens (if not hundreds) of gallons of water. and can also be used for disinfecting cuts. chlorine dioxide tablets are an other option, but they dissolve latex.
    Provisions for Food:
    -The string contained in the kit is bad for both fishing and snares. Consider 50 pound test monofilament (fishing) line.
    -You may prefer meat, but that doesn't mean you are going to get any. Snares are not always successful in procuring nourishment, as the distinctive sent of human may alert your game to the fact that something is amiss. shortage of food means no energy to work with, and ultimately death. Learn to identify wild edibles in your locale.
    Provisions for Fire:
    -On cold and rainy days, Hypothermia is a real threat. And a lens isn't going to be good for anything except examining your goosebumps. Always carry 3 means of creating fire. including at least one that is waterproof. A Ferrocerium (supplemented by a bit of char cloth or cord) is arguably the most dependable method. standard cigarette lighters wont work at certain barometric pressures and may leak.
    Provisions for Shelter:
    -Consider wrapping your tin with a length of 550 pound parachute cord. Once again much more useful than that string you have in your kit. The interior threads can be removed and used for other purposes.
    Provisions for Rescue:
    -You're all good here solider!
    you may find that a small square of sterile gauze will be much more effective for stopping bleeding. For preventing infection you can once again use your dropper bottle of iodine (just make sure you know how to use it correctly!).


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I forgot to say something: Bring a needle for sew/repair. you can use the fishing line as thread.
    Hope this helps!

    if you didnt look, i already have a sewing kit in the kit. I added matches to the kit a week or two ago. ive devided to add a sugar packet for a few extra calories. i didnt put in paracord, because im always wearing my paracord bracelet. ill add in tinfoil for a "pot" for boiling water. This kit is a backup. If you're ever in the woods, you should always have the proper gear.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    lack of fire starting, the magnifying glass isnt as reliable as you would think.
    id throw a ferro rod in there or even some matches man

    4 replies

    Waiting to find some strike anywhere matches. Havent come across any yet. Did have a ferro rod, but lost it somewhere in my house

    Sir, what is that small blip between the tweezers and the tin? Is that flint I see? Yes it is, because I know all, well, kinda. I am actually your brother, and you told me that you forgot to tag it. I am watching you right now. Check out my version coming soon