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• Who is Wearing the Costume: LUIS LINARES

• Where the Idea came from: It Came from Transformers; The Movie Cartoon and Bumblebee was Really a Volkswagon Yellow (Slugbug) Beetle Car

• How I build THE TRANSFORMER: I Started with a Volkswagon Power Wheel / Ride on Car that I Cut in Pieces and a lot of toy parts, everything was connected to my football shoulder pad i used Grey floor mat, flashlight, voice changer, VW Stickers, Spray Paint, House Glue, Glue Gun and, 2 speaker for its ipod music (That means It will walk with music so the kids could be dancing around the Beetle)

Can't Wait to wear this for Halloween Night with my kids. Just to see other kids reaction when they see me coming with the Original VW Transformer Beetle Costume "AUTOBOTS TRANSFORM"

- Trick or Treat and Thank You!

Check it out on you tube! link below:



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    2 years ago

    very very cool, how much did you said for the helmet. hahaha


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love this costume, and would love to see how it was made. Think it might be possible to type up what you used, all of it and how you did it?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Looks amazing, and that's a good idea to use a riding kids toy as the frame. You have to show us how you put this together. DO you have enough pictures for a step-by-step Instructable?

    1 reply

    This was my first costume ever. I should take picture just to see how it look from the inside but there's a lot of hot glue inside the costume just to hold it