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I learn it at TechShop in Menlo Park California!

Step 1: Is With a Pipe Cutter

Diametrical cut, no burs :)

Give a partial turn to the cutter, from say 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock, then repeat this back and forth manner until you have gone 360 degrees around the pipe; take care to ensure the finish of the cut line actually lines up with the start of the cut line... otherwise you have a screw! :-)  

Add a quarter of a turn to the tightener as you come around each full revolution.

Yes, I do it at Techshop

Do you have a better idea how to do it?

Step 2: Finish the Cut

Continue adding a quarter of a turn to the tightener as you come around each full revolution until the pipe is cut all the way through!

Step 3: Clean the Cut End of the Pipe

Use the deburring tool (normally attached to the pipe/tuping cutter) to remove the SHARP interior edge of the cut, where the cutter finished going through the pipe. 

If your pipe cutter does not have a deburring tool (many cheap ones do not)....then:  USE YOUR LEATHERMAN!  You have one right?  It has a great file for deburring pipes!

This is VERY SHARP and it will EASILY cut your finger...or your nose, if you try to stick your nose in there (I don't recommend!).

That is it.  :-)



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