THE BEST Office Prank EVER!

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This is great to do to your friends in the office.
I am not responsible for any injury.

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Step 1: The Supplies

easy to get.

1. A can of febreze
2. a zip-tie
3. victims office

Step 2: Getting Ready

Put the zip tie around the trigger of the febreze.
now close it, but just a little bit, not enough to set off the spray.

Step 3: The Fun Stuff!

Open the door to their office, then pull the end of the zip tie like a grenade, throw it into the office and close the door!
Done, but let them out after a few.

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm going to try to be nice, according to the suggested comment policy. What I can tell you is that these things are, in fact, chemicals. Nasty ones, especially in large quantities. Some kids like to "huff" various aerosols and are prone to killing off large swaths of brain cells (or, alternatively, leaving behind a young and good-looking corpse).

    It seems funny at the outset, but it's probably not a very good idea.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Dumb idea..I would be so angry if I was stuck in a room breathing in all that. I love fresheners but that is not even remotely funny.

    I'm really sorry, I didn't know.I did not see it, as for my entry. It wasn't there the first time I looked at the challenge. When I posted it in the comments I was so excited to post it that I didnt see the other one.

    I see... Since you are a knot guy, maybe figure out a really hard knot to untie instead, which would probably make it different enough. (Maybe a double bowline with a double bite... Weight that sucker and they will never get it untied!) ;)