Ideal during this Advent time -and mainly the one of Christmas-  this fragant orange that you can make by yourself will produce you an interior perfume naturelly spicy.

To make it, you need:

- A beautiful and firm orange
- A sachet of cloves
- Powder spices
- Cinnamon sticks or vanilla pods
- A beautiful and painted small dish
- A few drops of fragance oil
- A pretty ribbon (optional)

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Step 1:

Clean the orange in order that its skin be perfectly neat

Step 2:

Plant verticaly the cloves on the frut, in sort of put them on a line, as to represent quarters of frut. Do it again planting a new line between the first one.

Step 3:

Prepare a mixing of powder spices. A Christmas time, you should use more cinnamon as you're favorite spice.

Step 4:

Shift the powder spices in the bottom of a beautiful ethnic small dish. Put on top the orange already prepared and arrange all around cinnamon sticks or vanilla pods if you own.

Step 5: Last Step

Add a few drops of home fragance oil (Orange- Vanilla). Put the color ribbon around the orange in order to create a Christmas gift. Avoid this operation if you wish a natural effect.

Step 6:

Your fragant orange is now ready !! Friendly and pleasant, it will delight all the family sat around a magnificent table of Christmas day.

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