By: Chanelle Sanchez, Jadelyn Perez, and Kitzia Ramirez


Before we start here is a quick introduction about our piece called The MARBLEous Game. We came up to this idea because of how marbles are so popular during 90's and until now. We all know that at this point of time tablets, smartphones and other gaming devices are so popular. Even small kids are using this kinds of gaming devices. That's why we came up to this idea because we want to introduce again this kind of game that we all used to do this at the past. Our team had experienced a hard time on what we should make. We researched different kinds of projects that we can make but none of them are good. We don's want to make a project that is some what related to technology because it is so common that's why we decided to make this kind of game. Since Marble Games used to be popular. We did all of our best to make this piece possible, since this piece took too long to make.


They've been discovered inside the ashes of Pompeii and within the tombs of historic Egyptians, and that they were performed with through Native American tribes, so it is not possible to pin down a precise united states of america of foundation. The earliest examples have been actually stones that were polished smooth by way of a walking river, but for centuries artisans made them via hand from clay, stone, or glass.

Mass production have become feasible in 1884, whilst Sam Dyke of Akron, Ohio, created a timber block with six grooves, every of which held a lump of clay. An operator could roll a wooden paddle over all of the clay balls straight away, with a back-and-forth and slightly lateral movement, growing six marbles. With around 350 employees, Dyke's manufacturing facility become cranking out five train carloads, or approximately 1,000,000 marbles, every day. Mass production made marbles plenty less expensive to make, permitting the price to drop from about one penny every to a bag of 30 marbles for the identical charge. Other businessmen jumped at the bandwagon and Akron quickly have become the marble capital of past due-19th century America.

In 1915, mass manufacturing of glass marbles started, way to a gadget invented via Akron's M.F. Christensen. His device consisted of a screw conveyor made of grooved cylinders spun next to each different. A "slug" of molten glass changed into located between the cylinders on one stop and it turned into regularly carried right down to the other side, simultaneously cooled and shaped into a sphere via the rolling grooves. The layout worked so nicely, it has remained basically unchanged and remains the most commonplace manner to make marbles these days.


Things we used:

  • axle to a toy car
  • wood plank
  • 2 inches dry wall screw
  • wood glue
  • wooden cubes
  • 7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide woods
  • masking tape
  • 1.5 volts electric motor
  • electric wires
  • marbles
  • fan made with inventor

Machine we used:


First you need some different types of woods but for the main base you need a wood plank it depends on you if how long, wide, and thick you need for your project. But ours has a measure of 29 inches for the length, 24 inches for the width, and 1 inch for the thick of the wood (this is the measure for the main base). Next to that is the first base which is at the starting point of the game.It is compose of 40 pieces axle for a toy car which serves as our first obstacle in our marble track. On how we put it is first, we half drill the wood so that if we put the axle it is a lot more fit to the hole. Then we have two pairs of triangular shape track which we glued it in the wood. It has a measure of 7 inches length of the wood and 0.4 inches is the wide of it. Back to the main base, we put some additional obstacle like the 4 pieces of wood which we used to divide the platform, it has a measure of 6 inches long and 0.4 thick and wide. Then, we put 2 big wooden circles but the other one has different cuts around it to make it look more nice and different.



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    Erin Cook

    1 year ago

    I'm going MARBLES for this game!