You will need:
four large sized men's Tshirts. For this demo I used new Tshirts that cost me £4 each from Peacocks, normally I would upcycle old ones.
A pair of scissors
An iron and ironing board
Two packs of Wundaweb - extra strong. If you are using a less strong hemming web you should probably use two pieces together.
A large safety pin (to thread the cord through the sleeves)
A pen

Step 1: Dress Top.

This is going to be the top of your dress.
Put the Tshirt on and draw a dot where your belly button is. Cut the bottom off the T-shirt, being careful to keep the side seams intact.

Step 2: Lower Half.

To create the lower half of the dress: Take the next Tshirt and cut off the bottom from under the armpits.

Step 3: Creating the Lower Dress Panels

Remove the side seams and create two rectangles.

Step 4: Attaching the Panels

Iron both rectangular pieces (made in step three) to the front and back of the dress top with Wundaweb.

Step 5: Side Panels

Tshirts three and four are cut in the same way: Cut the seam out from the armpit and then cut straight across the Tshirt.
Lay the piece you have cut (long cut out seam at the top.) parallel to the side split of the dress. Trim the bottom of the rectangle to the length of the dress.

Step 6: Attaching the Side Panels

To attach the side panels, lay Wundaweb down the edge of the side splits and iron in the rectangles created in the previous stage making sure the long seam is at the top. Once the rectangle is firmly attached, tie the two long seams together with a double knot. The tie can be on the inside if you don't want to see it but you must have it there as It is an essential part of the garment because it takes a lot of the strain out of the join.

Step 7: Sleeves

To create a more girly sleeve, cut two small holes on the inside of the hem of your sleeves, either side of the seam. Cut a length of seam or just Tshirt fabric and using a safety pin, thread the cord through the hem . Make sure you can fit your arm comfortably through the sleeve, then tie a double knot and trim to your desired length.

Step 8: Extras

There are tons of ways to decorate and alter these dresses. If you want to make pockets it is best to use double layers of Wundaweb to attach them and try not to put anything too heavy in them when you wear it. Necklines can be altered in lots of ways simply using your scissors. T-shirt material doesn't fray so you can pretty much hack away at any part of it or add new pieces with Wundaweb wherever you like. A great way to experiment with dress making without ever going near a sewing machine. Hope you love it.
I will be posting new ideas on my Facebook group - Bizaar Bazaar. Happy creating, Candy x
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