Introduction: THE PILLORY (STOCKS)

THE STOCKS or PILLORY, whichever you prefer.  An easy Sunday afternoon build.  Cost varies depending on the type of lumber you use. (I like free the best)

Materials Needed:
     1. Qty 2 – 2x12x36 boards. Treated works fine but if you can get rough cut from a local saw mill
         than it looks better (plus you can get free scrap sometimes)
     2. Qty 2 – 4x4x48 post
     3. Qty 2 – 2x4x96 studs
     4. Strap hinge
     5. Scrap piece of 1x2x8
     6. Qty, 4 – bolts, washers and nuts 3” lg x 1/8”-1/2” your choice
     7. Jig saw (may need a few blades)
     8. Circular saw
     9. Hammer/screwdriver/pry bar
   10. Drill with bit to match bolts

     1. Layout the two 2x12’s stacked
     2. Draw three circles on the split using lids or paper plates or something close.  I started 4 inches
         from the ends for the hands, about 4 inch circles.  Center the head, about a 10 inch circle.
     3. Cut out your half circles with the jigsaw.    
     4. Attach hinge to end of boards (be careful they are heavy and can twist up a hinge)
     5. Lay the boards down and place the 1x2x 8 piece between the hand hole and the head hole
         opposite the hinge.
     6. Drill four holes through the 1x2 and the 2x12.  2 on each side of the split.
     7. Place bolts, washer and nuts through the holes. ( this will make the top stocks sturdy)
     8. Mark the top center of the 4x4 with the width of the 2x12 or rough cut lumber
     9. Mark down the sides of the 4x4 2-1/2 to 3 inches.
   10. Set the circular saw to the side mark and score between the two top marks.
   11. Using the hammer/screw driver/pry bar breakout the pieces in between.
   12. Fit stocks into slot (should be a snug fit)
   13. Cut the 2x4 into 3’ lengths for the feet, I also cut two angled pieces for extra support.
   14. Screw feet and angles to 4x4. You may want to mount a cross piece for extra left/right support

1. Dead body
2. Plastic chain
3. Shackles (made mine from 4” pvc tube and black paint)

If you leave this outside the wood just keeps looking better and aged. Have a Happy Haunt.

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    4 years ago

    How long does this take to build and If I give these plans to a wood worker what are you talking about the cost to build one?