Introduction: Q-TIP CANNON

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GGrrrrrrrrr - time to man up when doin the cleaning.

Is your spouse giving you grief for missing a spot.

THE Q-TIP CANNON is here to save your a*** soldier.

Follow these simple steps and take down those pesky dust spotters.

The Q-TIP CANNON is fully loaded with raw power and an impressive 14 shot mag, carried neatly upon the weapon. 

Step 1: ONE!


1 - empty detergent bottle (washed out really well cos if ya get one of the pellets in your eye without, it really hurts) - NOT PINK!

2 - 7 Q-TIPS

3 - Scissors 

4 - A Sharpy pen

Step 2: TWO!

You will - take your Q-TIP and cut off both ends just behind the cotton bud.

Step 3: THREE!

You will - insert Q-TIPs into the back of the bottle cap for safe storage until deployment.

Step 4: FOUR!

The magazine will be stored on the weapon, labels removed and a cool design drawn upon it.

Step 5: FIVE!

The weapon is now ready to fire.

1 - remove safety cap.

2 - remove ammunition.

3 - place one shell point first (gently) into the muzzle.

4 - take aim at your acquired target - one shot  - one kill.

5 - squeeze the body - HARD!!! - fire!

6 - exit the room smoothly leaving your victim giggling in agony - - mission accomplished.


"Go ahead punk - make me a cake" GGRRRRRRR

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