Hello Cool Knex13 here. 

I like to show you my first gun SO BE NICE.

Have fun! 

Step 1: The Base

Make this.

Plus follow steps.

Step 2: Make This

follow the notes.

Step 3: Ammo Holder

Follow notes

Step 4: The Top

follow notes

Step 5: Almost Done!

Follow notes

Step 6: Rubber Bands

Follow the notes

Step 7: Loading

Last step and this is how to load

Step 8:


Hope you Like It!



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    Now I know why you said my gun is average because I have looked at your guns and they are 10x better than mine. But it is my first gun!

    my first posted gun was my d. eagle. But i've made lots of guns before i started to post them, and i have made guns recently but didn't post them, so i can't realy tell