This is the 'Rescue Station'. This station is the solution for beaches and lakes without lifeguards. As a swimmer you wear a bracelet with a SOS button. If you're in an emergency you press the button for some seconds. After that, your position will be send to the rescue station. The station determines the distance between you and the rescue station. Depending on the result, the station activates one of two options. The first Option: The pressure Cannon After a short calculation the station will orient the canon and shoot off the life belt pack. The cannon works with pressurized air or gas. Seconds after pressing the SOS button, a life belt blows up next to you. At the same time a SOS signal is also sent to the next lifeguard station or to the next rescue Coordination Center. If you are out of rang for the Cannon, the station switches to the second Option. The second Option: The rescue drone The station has a hangar withe a drone inside. A life belt pack ist fasten under the drone. If the station receives the SOS signal, the hangar opens the door. Then the drone takes off and transports the pack to you. If the drone is next to you, it release the life belt. Both methods save lives on beaches or lakes without lifeguards. The maintenance is very easy and the station could be transport by an truck. It's compact and robustly. This is my Design for a robot witch makes our live more safer. Best wishes from Germany

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