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this is a cool plane by me. pls like.

Step 1: The Rocket Plane

as a child, i loved making planes. one of my best and simplest design is th rocket plane, know for it speed.

Step 2: Making the Plane

its reall simple to make. first you need an A4 size paper

Step 3: Then...

fold it from the top sides to make a triangle.

Step 4: And...

fold again from the sides.

Step 5: Then..

fold it from its center.

Step 6: Finally....

fold it again from its center

Step 7: Finally....

fold it sides(wings) in half

Step 8: Youre Done...

you just got a cool looking, well performing plane.

Step 9: Upgrade....

if you twist the tip and fold the wings as shown, your plane will revolve like a tornado. ilts back side should look like a swastika. have fun ... by Faizan Khan.



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