I was stumbling around, what to do on the easter holidays. So i decide to cut something. First of all i only want to cut the shape of a bunny. But this seems boring. So it came to my mind to engrave it with an awesome skeleton. The result looks great.

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Step 1: Choose Wood

You have the freedom to choose every type of wood. If you are unfamiliar with cutting different Materials, look at my channel (Link in my Profile). I explain everthing which you have to know about Laserworks. It is easy understandable (German) and if you just imitate my action with the program it would be a lot easier to cut the SCARY SKELETON BUNNY.

For this project i used plywood.

Step 2: Its All About Design

After i draw the shape of the bunny as a vector, i imported a bunny skeleton picture to the background. Afterwards i draw vectorpaths for every bone in the skeleton. I attech the result of my work as a Adobe Illustrator file.

Step 3: Export the Bitmaps

If you are finised with your preparation in Adobe Illustrator, export it to a high resolution (300ppi) bitmaps, just to ensure a good graving quality of the skeleton.

Step 4: Make Your Project Ready for Cutting

I cut the skeleton grave with 350mm/s engraving speed and 30% Laserpower. Works great and i have a smooth engraving. Just make sure to set the intervall in engraving parameter short enough to have a good graving quality. (0.08mm works great. 0.1mm is still okay). If you dont understand the intervall parameter look at my Youtube-Channel for further information. The shape was cut with 7mm/s and 70% Laserpower. (Do not overpower your Laser) In my case 70% is the maximum Power with 17mA. Depending on the material (or woodtype) you can use these parameters as a starting point and vary it. I attach the file for you.

Step 5: Cut It

If everything is done, just send the job to your lasercutter.

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