THE Lego Catapult Game

I invented a game that involves shooting large "boulders" at a target, wall, or even a castle!

-warning, do not use for threats-

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Step 1: Step 1: Catapult

First, you need a rubber band, one that stretches to about 1 foot. and something to stretch it on. (I wrapped a rubber band around 2 legs of a stool)

Step 2: Step 2: Target

Second step is to build a target, of course you need a brick with "studs" on the side to build what i made.
You can make a wall to hit, or even use something you already made.

Step 3: Step 3: Ammo!

You need something to shoot at your target, which you should know. The ammo can be round, it can be a cube, or another shape, as long as it fits on both strands of the rubber band. If you make your "boulder" hollow, you can fit Lego "pips" (the round bricks that take one space, NOT STUDS) to fit inside. If your boulder explodes, this will serve as an amazing effect!

-if you think the one space bricks are studs instead of pips, stop playing Lego video games. Studs are the bumps on lego pieces for those of you who didn't know.-

Step 4: Step 4: Launch!

First ready your brick IN FRONT of the rubber band's strands, then pull back, and release! the size of the rubber band will effect how far back to pull. and take a picture of your target before shooting it, or you'll never see it again...

-I'm not responsible for whatever you break.-
-Also, again, don't threaten people with it, I'm not responsible if you do.-

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