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A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance varies significantly with temperature.

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- Arduino Uno board * 1

- USB cable * 1

- Thermistor * 1

-Resistor (10k) * 1

- Breadboard * 1

- Jumper wires

Step 2: Principle

The resistance of the thermistor varies significantly with ambient temperature. It can detect surrounding temperature changes in real time. Send the temperature data to analog I/O port of SunFounder. Next we only need to convert sensor output to Celsius temperature by simple programming and display it on the serial port

Step 3: Schematic Diagram

Step 4: Procedures


Build the circuit.

Step 2:

Download the code from

Step 3:

Upload the sketch to the Arduino Uno board

Click the Upload icon to upload the code to the control board.

If "Done uploading" appears at the bottom of the window, it means the sketch has been successfully uploaded.

Now, you can see current temperature displayed on the serial monitor.

Step 5: Code


* name:thermistor

* function:you can see current temperature displayed on the serial monitor.




#define analogPin A0 //the thermistor attach to

#define beta 3950 //the beta of the thermistor

#define resistance 10 //the value of the pull-down resistor

void setup()




void loop()


//read thermistor value

long a = analogRead(analogPin);

//the calculating formula of temperature

float tempC = beta /(log((1025.0 * 10 / a - 10) / 10) + beta / 298.0) - 273.0;

//float tempF = 1.8*tempC + 32.0;//convert centigrade to Fahrenheit

Serial.print("TempC: ");//print" TempC: "

Serial.print(tempC);//print Celsius temperature

Serial.print(" C");//print the unit


//Serial.print("TempF: ");

// Serial.print(tempF);

// Serial.print(" F");

delay(200); //wait for 200 milliseconds




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